Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Commercial Laundry Systems we think it’s important to keep our valued clients informed of what is happening in our industry.

Sustainability is a hot topic, not only in the Australian laundry industry, but globally in all industries.

Electrolux President and CEO Jonas Samuelson was interviewed by Martin Wright, a sustainability journalist and editor, on what sustainability means for Electrolux, and why it is a core part of the company’s strategy

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The key take away’s from the interview were:

  • Electrolux are a sustainable partner to our customers
  • Electrolux are reducing greenhouse gas impact through better operations and more sustainable product designs
  • Electrolux invest a third of profits back into R&D and sustainability
  • Electrolux are measuring progress and adding new initiatives as they go and incentivising all of their team members to contribute to the cause
  • Sustainable development is absolutely core to the success of Electrolux and that is why they have identified it as one of the key transformation initiatives of the group as a whole
  • Electrolux are making a positive difference for the planet