Efficient Dosing System (EDS) – giving you complete control of your chemical costs

Efficient Dosing System (EDS) is an automatic chemical dispensing system. EDS dispenses the exact amount of chemical required for the actual load weight. EDS Integrates with Electrolux Compass/Compass pro controllers and all programs are selected from the washer extractors control panel meaning their is no change to the way the laundry operates. The 6 pump system ensures EDS suits all chemical requirements.

EDS provides the following benefits

  • Cost savings
    • only uses required amount of chemicals, water and utilities
    • 20% savings on chemical costs alone*
  • Compliance
    • Monitors water temperature, cycle times etc. for AS 4146 standards
    • Environmental – no chemical wastage
  • Other
    • Extends linen lifetime
    • No irritation or allergies due to over dosing of chemicals
    • Safer work environment
    • Not locked into the chemical company